Sri Prabha

Nightlands 3, 2018, Four channel video and audio, 15:34 mins

My Eastern heritage informs my Western ideas about artmaking.
I think about Vedic concepts of interconnectedness and how contemporary science points to similar concepts.

Sri Prabha is a multi-media artist who creates immersive environments with video, music, photography, painting and sculpture.  Born in Hyderabad, India, and raised in the United States, his background has played a significant role in his artistic development, which addresses the intersections of modern science and Eastern philosophy. In a contemporary world that seems governed by the Anthropocene (the man-made destruction of the natural environment), Prabha’s work talks of the importance of a symbiosis between human beings, nature and the cosmos. Prabha wants to challenge the way humans have been using the biomass as a resource to exploit, offering instead a glimpse of the transcendent human experience, which happens in connectivity to the environment.

Nightlands 3, Primordial, 2018

Nightlands 3, Twirl, 2018

The works all address and are cognizant of the Anthropocene and ask people to consider just where their identity, or sense of self, begins and ends. Our physical bodies and our minds are far from the only elements acting in our environment and current scientific thinking posits that we are part of larger natural systems at play. Subconscious connections, the anthropocene, nature as inspiration amid man-made chaos, the symbiotic connections of humans to the natural world, the existence of thought and our evolution within the framework of the holobiont (A holobiont is an assemblage of a host and the many other species living in or around it, which together form a discrete ecological unit. The components of a holobiont are individual species or bionts, while the combined genome of all bionts is the hologenome.) is key to progressing our humanity. Our interconnectedness and our symbiosis amongst all biomass and mass must be respected.

Nightlands 3, Specimens, 2018

Nightlands 3, Flowing Thru Time, 2018

Night Lands 3 is designed to be shown across 4 large screens, or projected on four walls in a room to impart the full scope of the nature of water and its presence in our lives. Elements of time, space, archeology, geology, and fossils are evident throughout the everfleeting imagery.

Living in Florida, we are surrounded by and enriched by water, but also occasionally sieged by it. The Anthropocene is now readily impacting our coastlines and this work was finished during Irma, the largest hurricane in recorded history! Conversely, on a recent foray into Utah, Prabha was amazed by the role of water in shaping the canyons and mountains. The ancient is brought to the present. Geologic time contrasted with human experience.

Prabha started creating portions of the work about two years ago, which included collecting geological and mineral specimens and filming in Utah, Wyoming, Georgia, and Florida. He thanks the Brush Creek Center for the Arts in Wyoming and Hambidge Center in Georgia, where he had artist residencies that allowed time and the environment to begin and end this project.

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