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caught, 2020, mixed media, open: 17 x 11 inches 

“The Others” is an exploration of what it means
to be visually and culturally “different”.

the escape (front view), 2020

This faux society of small, almost identical individuals lives underground in caves, are innovative, and generally peaceful. Most of the work in this exhibition occurs once “human kind” discovers “the others” and become alarmed by their appearance and cultural disparities. Once “the others” are discovered, their way of life leads to fear and misunderstanding. A great upheaval ensues and their way of life is threatened resulting in an explosive end…or is it a new beginning?  

Selection of drawings from the others, 2017-2020

Contemporary issues concerning man/woman as he is pitted against nature and society has always been the root of my practice. Borrowing imagery from the internet, newspapers and magazines, and mixing them with my imagination has produced this body of work. The series, started in 2013, consists of over 130 drawings and over 7 sculptures.  The collaged drawings have recently jumped off the page into the newly created “pop-up” books and the exploration of “being different” continues in yet another format.  

Artist & Studio
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The surreal atmosphere of layered compositions leads us to no answers…time and place is

not of concern. This series is a surreal and universal appraisal of society today, yesterday

and tomorrow.  2020.