Masked Spheres Series, 2020, Vinyl appliqué on nylon, felt, and cotton, 11 x 6 x 6 ½ inches



The Masked banners and spheres that I've included in, Why Shouldn't We Talk About These Things at the Table, discuss new communication and expression during the pandemic as well as suggest that education reform is understated in political elections.

Masked And On Task, 2020, Vinyl appliqué and fringe on nylon, 40 x 50 inches

Artist & Studio

Photo: Pedro Wazzan

Masked And On Task makes light of this new moment where we work from home and in many cases work even harder on Zoom. The other side of the banner reads, Masked Votes For Education Reform. Masked refers to votes that are concealed and silenced. The cost of education continues to rise, and students enter the workforce with massive amounts of debt. Adjunct professors are underpaid and tenure is dying. The cost of education and fair wages for professors should be

more at the forefront and take a larger seat at the table.